System Info

Common Races

  • Human – most common
  • Half-Elf – fairly common
  • Half-Orc – rare humanoid, outcast
  • Dwarf – rare humanoid, xenophobic, trade with human cities once/5yr
  • Elf – secretive humanoid, occasionally living among human nobility
  • Melfling – Melf or “Mouse-Elf” – small creature, common in rural areas, adored by farmers
  • Orc – rare humanoid in society, untrusted/feared by populous

Monstrous Races

  • Half-Giant – very rare humanoid, almost exclusively rural
  • Cambion – very rare demonic human, unsettling presence
  • Wyrm – rarest of huge creatures, must interact via sorcerous avatar or be hunted, thought to be extinct in Caldore
  • Lycan – very rare infected human, must stay hidden or face persecution
  • Goblin – relatively common aberrant humanoid, hated or feared by society
  • Manticore – very rare large creature, considered a monster though apparently quite skilled in the alchemical sciences

Cryptic Races

  • Dark Elf – Dreugh d’Dann’n or “Drow” – very rare humanoid on the overworld, fairly common in the underworld
  • Deep Dwarf – Duregaar – rarest of humanoids on the overworld, common in the underworld
  • Kitsu – Vulpinoids or Fox Folk – rarest of humanoids, regional legend across the Free Realms
  • Atlan – Atlanticans or Mer Folk – rarest of humanoids, globally legendary among seafaring realms
  • High Elf – Alladrians, Thuatha d’Dann’n, or Faerie Folk – rare humanoid, legendary inhabitants of the Marble Moon


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