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The Red-skinned human sons & daughters of fallen Barsum, cursed, wander the savage lands a people displaced. They toiled in the occult sciences to perfect their war machines & spread their law throughout the stars, but grasped for more power than they could have hoped to control, and thus were punished. Their sacred orders & major cities annihilated, a lucky few were able to be evacuated with the help of the Lyrans & via the Ark, a hastily converted ballistic weapon hollowed & re-purposed to evacuate as many Barsumer as would fit inside. Twenty-five years ago doom fell upon Barsum; nothing living remains upon her surface.
The Barsumer are industrious & warlike, favoring armies of machines & superb weaponry to settle their conflicts. Many refugees shirk the polite rules of Atlan society & settle deep in the wilderness of the savage lands, forming colonies ranging from simple farming communities to roaming hordes of bandits, even the occasional secluded scientific research team. Those who adhere to Atlan law have had mixed results; though successful Barsumers exist in the professional world of cosmopolitan cities such as Haven, a very large percentage of those same cities’ criminal population does tend to be Barsumer.

Barsumer are humans with red-hued skin, pale hair, & pale eyes. They are the shortest statured of the human races, ranging in height from around 5’ – 5’8". The Jackal Totem gifts them with telekinetic control over fire, & teaches them the ways of survivability.

Racial Bonuses

Str +1, End +2, D8 Hit Dice

  • Efficient Metabolism – passive – your body is well adapted to surviving in hostile territory, you require 1/2 as much food, water, & sleep.
  • Improved Initiative – passive – Initiative +5

Pyrokinesis – Psionic control of fire & heat


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