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The Lyran people are the seed of humanity. Their descendants have spread throughout much of the known galaxy, adapting into many varied forms over the millennia. Calm of mind & peace-like, they no longer pursue violent technology, having long ago culminated that path with the creation of the battle station. Capable of utter devastation on a planetary level, as well as with extreme precision, their armada goes unmatched, and seldom used. The mere threat of such a weapon is enough to keep most hostile lifeforms subdued, leaving the Lyrans to pursue more intellectual & spiritual paths. The Lyrans arrived with one such weapon, Luna, nearly a century ago, ending all major conflict on Maldek, and they remain as watchful peacekeepers, even aiding in the evacuation of Barsum 25 years ago.

The Lyrans appear as tall humans with a slightly bluish pallor, and hair ranging from silver, to red, to black. They often have somewhat bird-like features, prominent hooked noses, straight layered feathery hair, and loose-cuffed flowing raiment. Their totem is the Phoenix, and their mystical domain is known as Arithmancy.

Racial Bonuses

+2 Int, +1 Wis, D8 hit dice

  • Calm of Mind – passive – A Lyran can ignore what would normally break concentration while casting in combat or stressful situations, apart from unconsciousness of course.
  • Methodical Understanding – perception check – With a simple glance, a Lyran can mentally deconstruct a single target, gaining insight on its status & potential weaknesses.

Arithmancy – The magic of numbers, arithmancy spells are somatic, proclaiming truth through factors, equations, & resonance.

  • Validation of Forme – Int 3, Wis 2 – 12 MP – single target, removes status effects & heals 2D8+Wis
    • Truth of Forme – Int 5, Wis 4 – 22 MP – single target, removes status effects & fully heals
  • Platonic Construct – variable – concentration indefinite, summon an ethereal platonic encasement around an object or creature, inflicts the stasis effect, can be moved psionicly
    • Tetrahedron – Int 3 – 8 MP – very small
    • Cube – Int 4 – 12 MP – small
    • Octahedron – Int 5 – 16 MP – medium
    • Dodecahedron – Int 6 – 24 MP – medium-large
    • Icosahedron – Int 7 – 40 MP – large
  • Burden of Truth – Int 4, Cha 3 – 14 MP – single target, inflicts burden status effect vs failed WP check until resolved


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