Stealth and Dexterity

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Light Step – Elven or Dex 3 – passive, you step lightly making hardly a sound (gear depending), advantage on stealth checks while unseen, Elves w/ light step can walk atop snowbanks and the like too
Move Unseen – Dex 2 – stealth check, remain hidden while moving at speed (fail = half-speed)
Tumble – Dex 2 – acrobatics check to move freely through or past enemy occupied squares at speed (fail = AoO)
Chandilermancy – Dex 7 – acrobatics, variable, utilize hanging things, counterweights, ropes, & pulleys to varying dramatic effects in a dashing manner


  • Waylay – Dex 1 – standard attack from behind or w/ surprise, no damage but renders target KO failing End save vs. attack
  • Sneak Attack I,II,III – Dex 3, 4, 5 – standard attack from hidden or w/ surprise or flank, weapon damage +1d6/rank
    • Back Stab I,II,III – Dex 5, 6, 7 – standard attack from behind, weapon damage +1D10/rank
    • Assassin – Dex 7 – passive, any attack from hidden or w/ surprise is critical
      • Assassin’s Blade I,II,III – Dex 7, 8, 9 – passive, daggers deal D8, D10, D12 damage

Stealth and Dexterity

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