System Info
Races & Magic

Attributes & Vitals
HP= Hit dice + End + mods
MP= Int+Wis+ mods
WP=Wis+Str+ mods
Init=Dex+Int+mods=Speed[squares, or x5=feet]

Starting SP = Int


  • Atlan – Primary human colonists of Maldek, Griffon Totem – Str +1, Cha +2 – Storm of Mind – Natural Leader or Strength of Will
  • Barsumer – Human refugees of fallen Barsum, Jackal Totem – Str +1, End +2 – Pyrokinesis – Efficient Metabolism or Improved Initiative
  • Lyran – Humans of the home-systems here to negotiate ongoing peace, Phoenix Totem – Int +2, Wis +1 – Arithmancy – Calm Mind or Discerning Look
  • Naga – Raptor-like native dinosauroid tribes, Theropod Totem – Dex +2, Str +1, End +1 – Shamanism – Keen Senses or Blood Tracking, Natural Weapons Teeth D8, Foreclaws 2D6, Hindclaws 2D10, Tail D8
  • Draco – Stranded dragon-like hexopoidal adversaries of the Atlans & Lyrans, Dragon Totem – Str +2, End +2, Int +1, Dex -2 – Sorcery – Instill Fear or Brute Strength, Flight @ INIT + Str speed, Natural Weapons Teeth D8, Claws 2D6, Tail D10, Wings 2D8

Character Creation Process
1. Choose a Race
2. Apply racial bonus
3. Distribute Attribute points (10)
3a. Alternately you may roll for stats, 1D6-2 per Attribute, resulting in scores ranging between -1 & 4 (1D6-2 ~ -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4)
4. Determine Vitals (HP, MP, Init, WP, CR)
5. Determine and train Skills, SP = Int + Level
6. Choose two Backgrounds, apply any bonuses
7. Choose a bonus Ability
8. Finishing touches: Name, Age, Alignment, Portrait

Resolving Conflicts – Gameplay

Whenever a conflict must be resolved, the player involved rolls a D20 and adds any relevant modifiers. If the total matches or exceeds the target CR the conflict is resolved successfully, otherwise it fails. Combat works pretty much the same way with a few additions as per any ability or spell used. Hitting a target’s CR is a successful attack, and damage may be rolled.

Combat Specifics

Every combat begins by taking initiative, all involved roll a D20 and add their init modifier, this determines the order of battle highest to lowest. Players and enemies take turns according to their initiative, one round at a time. Every round each participant may take 1 move action, 1 standard action, and 1 free action.

Move Actions

  • move your speed
  • equip/unequip an item
  • reload a gun or crossbow
  • recover from prone

Standard Actions

  • basic attack
  • offensive ability
  • hold for reaction
  • hold initiative
  • standard spell casting

Free Actions

  • speak/parlay/command
  • concentrate on a spell effect
  • quickened ability
  • catnip
  • assess situation


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