System Info

Aeons the Living Gods

  • Thiamat the World Serpent
    • Chaotic Evil/Domination of Others
    • Represents hate, chaos, destruction, & rage
    • Worshiped by most chromatic dragons, fanatical cults, & some evil sorcerers
  • The Woods Walker
    • True Neutral/Balance with Nature
    • Represents rebirth & renewal, nature, & the change of seasons
    • Revered by druids & animals
    • Dwells anywhere there are trees & flowing water, making nightly strides through the forests of Materia Prima

Archons the Extraplanar Gods

  • Corvis the shrouded one
    • True Neutral/Balance with Self
    • God of death & the void
    • Worshiped across all spheres
    • Dispises necromancy as an abomination to the natural order
    • Resides within the void
    • Appears as either male or female, sometimes as a crow or raven

Pantheon of the Spheres

  • Heleon the Sun God
    • Lawful Neutral/Domination of Self
    • God of War & Strategy
    • Worshiped across all spheres
  • Volcan the God of the Forge
    • Lawful Neutral/Domination of Nature
    • God of Metallurgy & Construction
    • Worshiped primarily by Dwarves
  • Magnus the God of Magic
    • Chaotic Neutral/Service to Self
    • God of Magic & Chaos
    • Revered by magic users, but worshiped by few sane folk
  • Materia the Goddess of Stone & the Material Planes
  • Lunareon the Goddess of Healing
    • Neutral Good/Service to Nature
    • Goddess of Healing & Balance
    • Worshiped by witches, healers, druids & thaumaturgists
  • Chronos Master of Matter & Time
  • Tempest Master of Fluid & Wind
  • Myalon Keeper of Knowledge & Art
  • Pagos Keeper of the Secrets of Life & Death
  • Aorator Master of Scrying
  • Auspiceon

a bunch more after i regain my channelled divinity…


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