Dragons are immortal, but not invulnerable. They are an intelligent, sentient race of people with free will, not animals. Over 500 years ago all of the dragons in Caldore were hunted to extinction, cutting off Caldore’s ties with the metallic dragon-worshiping realm of Ildare across the oceans. The matron of all dragons is Thiamat, the many-headed chromatic world-serpent, her ties to the life force of Materia Prima ensures her brood will always have a foothold there. Her rival is the just and benevolent Bahamut, the platinum king of all metallic dragons. He too has a strong tie to Materia Prima’s life force. Where Thiamat represents wilderness, chaos, & evil, Bahamut stands for civilization, lawfulness, & all that is good.
All breeds of dragon can reproduce with each other, occasionally producing surprising hybrids. A freshly hatched dragon is called a Hatchling. Dragons rarely care for their young, and will usually nest in a secluded wilderness, leaving their clutch of 1-5 eggs to fend for themselves which naturally weeds out the weakest. Those who survive their first year become known as Wyrmlings or Wyrms. It is here that a dragon begins to understand its instinctual sorcery, and they will almost always create an illusory avatar for social and survival purposes. It is during this stage that a dragon learns who they truly are as they feed and grow stronger and larger at an alarming rate. They remain Wyrms until they grow strong enough and confident enough to learn to fly, this can take between 1-15 years. A freshly fledged dragon is known as a Fledgling until they reach a certain size or age, this can take another 50-100 years. Beyond this age a dragon is considered a proper adult within their loose hermetic society. They continue to grow until they are killed, thus allowing for the existence of a number of truly ancient & colossal dragons.

There are many variant types of dragons, generally categorized as either Chromatic, Metallic, Silicate, or Carbonate. Other variations exist on some of the more exotic spheres, as well as their many & varied kinfolk including mortal sorcerers (dragon/humanoid hybrid), kobolds, various draconoids, lamia & naga, wyvern, drakes, sea-serpents, pseudo-dragons & dragonettes, hydra, and saurians such as cockatrices, behemoths, basilisks, & saurianoids.

Dragons posses devastating breath attacks & shouts. After their first use every day, they may make a save (1D20) vs. their own WP+10 to recharge for another use. It is considered a standard action to use and a free action to recharge. Breath attacks deal increasing damage over a dragon’s lifespan, 1+level dice 1-5, 2+level dice 6-10… Not all breath attacks & shouts deal damage.

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Chromatic – The majority of chromatic dragons are Chaotic Evil, or Dominating of Others/Nature. They are vile, cunning, liars who worship the many-headed World Serpent Thiamat.

  • Lesser
    • Brown - wingless, 30ft cone of D8 fire breath
    • Orange - 30ft cone of D10 fire breath
    • Chartreuse - wingless/aquatic, 30ft beam of D6 boiling water breath
    • Turquoise - winged/amphibious, 30ft beam of D8 acid breath, underwater, 30ft cloud of D6 poison breath on land
    • Indigo - 30ft beam of D10 radiant breath
    • Lavender - 100ft cloud of fog breath
    • Gray - 30ft beam of D8 freezing breath
  • Greater
    • Black - 60ft beam of D10 acid breath
    • Red - 60ft cone of D12 fire breath
    • Yellow - 60ft cone of D10 necrotic breath
    • Green - 60ft cloud D12 poison breath
    • Blue - 60ft beam of D12 lightning breath
    • Violet - 60ft beam of D12 radiant breath
    • White - 60ft cone of D12 ice breath


  • Lesser
    • Mithril - 30ft beam of D6 cold breath, 30ft beam of D8 radiant breath
    • Malachite - 30ft cone of D8 kinetic shout, 30ft beam of D6 radiant breath
    • Cinnabar - 30ft cone of D8 poison breath, 30ft beam of D8 fire breath
  • Greater
    • Silver - 60ft cone of D12 ice breath, 60ft beam of D12 lightning breath
    • Copper - 60ft cone of D10 lightning breath, 60ft beam of D10 acid breath
    • Iron - 100ft sphere of repulsion shout, 60ft cone of corrosion breath
    • Brass - 60ft beam of D12 fire breath, 60ft beam of D12 lightning breath
    • Mercury - 60ft cone of D10 cold breath, 60ft beam of poison breath
    • Orichalcum - 60ft beam of D12 kinetic shout, 30ft cone of D12 lightning breath
    • Lead - 60ft beam of D10 poison breath, 30ft cone D12 kinetic shout
  • Profound




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